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Freshly Cut for Your Pleasure

Welcome you innovative, fashionable, unconventional, do-gooder you.  We’re glad you’re here.  Allow us to tell you a bit about ourselves…self…selves.  Us?

wesley Neckwear was inspired by a desire to break the mold.  To separate one’s self from conforming with the masses.  To demonstrate personality, creativity, and independence.  And do all this with social, moral, and environmental integrity.

All this by wearing a tie?  You bet your buttoned collar.

For over 100 years the “tie” has been sprucing up the deprived ensemble for men and women alike but what it has severely lacked over time is innovation.  The most advanced modification designers have bestowed upon this piece of essential neckwear in the past century is width.  Wow.  Thrilling.

Not only do our ties have a completely original style but they are also select.  Our neckwear is hand crafted from limited batches of vintage fabric making each tie part of an original and unique collection.  By using these select fabrics you gain exclusivity while also being eco-friendly.  That’s called a win-win, or double awesome.

The fabric for our ties is purchased, cut, and sewn in Los Angeles, California by fair wage manufacturers.  When you purchase a tie it’s almost like you’re providing a virtual hug to another hard working human.  Nice job.

So go ahead, get tied up.  Our neckwear guarantees to turn heads…and change hearts.